VideoDo You Have the Eye of the Tiger?

July 9, 2018by Dave Darby0

How badly do you want to win? Will you sacrifice yourself for your team? Will they sacrifice for you?

When I mentor business leaders, I always tell them the same thing. Success is about three things.

Showing Up

Fifty percent (50%) of success is simply showing up. Most won’t. They want to sleep in an extra 5 minutes. They want another cup of coffee, another bagel. They want to sit in the pool just a little longer.

Champions though show up. But that’s not enough.

Executing the Vision

Forty percent (40%) of success is executing the plan. I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs make highly detailed plans, charts, and vision sheets, only to get derailed because they lack the discipline to focus and execute what they set out to do.

Champions execute. But that’s not enough.

People Matter

Ten percent (10%) of success will be determined by those you place yourself around. Nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished alone. If you want to taste success on a regular basis, you are going to have to find people who are as hungry as you, who will sacrifice for and with you.

Champions surround themselves with other champions.

Those three things in order are always enough. Do you have the eye of the tiger?

If you’re willing to show up and execute the vision, we have the people. Register for the Colorado Royals softball team today!

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Winners are born. Champions are made.