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November 1, 2018by Dave Darby0

I am now a proud member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) with the constant aim of improving my coaching skills, networking with top coaches around the country, and specifically close to my heart, creating a fundraising game in 2019 for StrikeOut Cancer.

Though I’ve certainly had my struggles this year after my cancer diagnosis in April, I have a great support team to get through it, to beat cancer soon. Right now we are battling insurance to pay for a couple of shots that would allow me to have radiation without two months of intense pain. But again I have great support and if we have to, we’ll either pay out of pocket or endure the pain. There are worse things in life.

During my surgery process, I met others who did not have as much support or the insurance and finances. I saw people battling insurance just to get the surgery and it broke my heart.

Playing a game we all love, we can do something about that, we can raise the hopes of someone struggling. I’m going to need a lot of help to pull this off but I know I live in a great community where passion and empathy are prevalent.

If you or somebody you know can and will help organize a few teams to play in 2019 as a fundraiser in our Fort Collins/Loveland community, please contact our team.

Dave Darby
Founder, Coach
Colorado Royals Fastpitch Softball Club, Inc.




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