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Here's a look at our schedule for the 2018-2019 season:

Tryout for the Colorado Royals!

We believe it’s never too late to find the right fit in a team, too many times we have seen girls unhappy on their teams because they joined not wanting to miss out on the season, but then they find themselves warming the bench for most of it.

So if you’re not happy where your daughter is on the totem pole of their team, come tryout for the Royals and let’s build a winning season together that we ALL can be proud of.

We will be keeping each Royals team roster down to 12 players, so everyone gets game time, and NO ONE is left warming the bench for multiple games in a row. We’re successful in teaching our players through experience both on and off the field, in games and in practices. So contact us to learn more about the Royals and how we will help your daughter move up to the next level.

Royals 18U and 16U Tryouts:
Register for a private tryout today!
Private Tryouts
First Week of November:
1st and 8th of 2018
Second Week of November:
14th of 2018
Third Week of November:
20th and 21st of 2018

Spots will be limited so register ASAP.

The Royals Practice Schedule:

Our organization is designed to help develop our players to their potential, and challenge them to be the strong and talented players they can be, whether they want to play in college or just play for the experience and memories with our team and players. That’s why we’ve structured our 18U and 16U team to practice together, to compete and learn together and raise the bar as a team, and as individuals. With our coaching staff, we will be running drills and exercises with both teams and every player, giving everyone time to advance their skills and learn fast as we rise up together as Royals.

Please note: All dates and times are currently tentative and open to change depending on team needs and availability.

The Colorado Royals intend to primarily use 3 practice facilities in 2018-2019 (subject to change), all in the Fort Collins, Windsor and Loveland areas:

  • The Edge Sport’s Center (indoor batting lanes & field)
  • Barnes Complex (outdoor fields & batting cages)
  • Private Residence (family cookouts, indoor batting/pitching lanes)
At Our Private Facility
5:45 - 7:00 pm
5:45 - 7:00 pm


Colorado Royals Pastpitch Softball Club

We are committed to creating great experiences for female student-athletes who have a passion for the game of softball, their communities, and growth. Our core three principles are: respect, discipline, and character. Learn more »




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Excited to bring our successful momentum from yesterday's tryout into our tryout Thursday! 🥎…

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Every batter has her routine, what’s yours? 🥎 - #teamsports…

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Winners are born. Champions are made.